Run your shop like a business and not a charity


Taking back our Accident Repair Industry


The insurance industry is sitting on our chair. We have to take back our chair. We must take back our repair industry.
Admitting the real and main problem: YOU!
Stop blaming the insurance industry or anyone else.
Stop blaming anyone but: YOU and YOUR FELLOW SHOP OWNERS and MANAGERS.
The insurance industry has done their job. They capitalised on us. We gave away control of our own business. So stop complaining.
We let the insurance industry take over with the promise of mass work.
First we were hungry. Later, we were scared of losing business.
That's why we agreed lower hour rates, more discounts and giving away chargeable work.
And last but not least: we gave away all of the management information.
But the promised work is not there anymore. So what do you have to lose?
Better less work and well paid as work floor full of work with no profits?!
It's your choice! This leads to the point that:
Insurance company's now are selling the parts to us with lower discounts, taking over body shops and deliver work to this shops by total loss buying and fixing them in their own shops or selling them with profit.
It's time to make decisions....choose for getting our REPAIR INDUSTRY BACK!

Don't be afraid...JOIN FORCES with US!

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