Run your shop like a business and not a charity

Customer knowledge = POWER

Think GLOBAL and act LOCAL


fight-for-your-rightsThink about how little consumers know about insurance processes.
Think about how little power you will have when your car gets damaged and your insurance company is dragging its feet or denies paying your claim.

We have the knowledge, we have the power to inform the customer, so:
Inform customers which insurers are the bad insurance company's.

Explain your customer that only you can guarantee your work. An insurance company cannot!

Cutting costs for insurance means cutting corners in quality and safety for consumers.
Let the costumer beware that he does not have to be the insurers CRASH DUMMY.

Give customers examples of real situations where having the wrong insurance company cost a person money, time and a safe quality repair.

  • Refresh your company website with new fresh important information. We can help you with that.
  • Put a link to on your own Homepage and inform the customer to look at your website.
  • Use social media!
  • Get the customer on our side and shape their view of the insurer before the insurer gets of the chance to turn the customer against you.
  • Offer to help the customer fight for fair compensation but also ensure the customer understands that this is his responsibility, his vehicle, his money and you are only helping as a courtesy.
  • Explain exactly what the insurer will tell the customer, how they will want to use aftermarket or used parts, how they will try to steer the customer to a approved repair body shops, how they will badmouth your shop, how they will be handled by a certain appraiser, how they will not want to pay for certain things.

Your customer will be amazed by your accuracy and will feel more comfortable with you and your honesty than with the way they were handled by the insurance company.

We will develop a list of good insurers and include it with every estimate.

Explain to each customer why they should switch insurance company's and provide them with help.
Be careful to avoid bad mouthing the bad insurance companies, but instead talk up the better ones.
Explain the differences between company's to the customers.

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