Run your shop like a business and not a charity

Run your shop like a business and not a charity


problem-solutionDetermine cost of doing business.
Determine true gross and net profit margins.
Determine average effective labour rate.

Total labour pounds earned / total hours actually worked.
Understand how labour, parts, materials, sublet gross profits; each affect your net profit.

Determine break even gross profits on each of these areas.
Determine desired net profit. The only way having a successful business is by getting profit.

Profit is not a dirty word. It's necessary for existing, expanding.

Get to know all shop owners and managers in your area and stop thinking of them as the enemy, unless they refuse to cooperate. Don't worry about anti-trust issues. Stop being scared.
Don't rely on other people to do things. Step up!
Being too busy running your shop is not an excuse. You're just being too busy running yourself out of business.

We all have the same problems in our Repair Industry, so tell everybody about how your shop operates with this problems, so the insurers can't lie to you and trick you into accepting less.
Act local, integrate with the locals.

Inform your customers!

"When an insurance company goes into a shop and tells them that this is all we will pay. They leave an uniformed shop owner to figure out how to make a profit to repair a car at that price.
Which by the way will not be enough. What do you suppose happens? Does the shop owner say hell, I just like repairing cars, if I lose a little money I can make it up in volume? Or is it possible the owner of the car gets a poor repair?"
Inform the customer that we stand up for their interest.

Our customers don't have to be the insurers crash dummies!

We will NOT accept it!

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